Pandita Ramabai: An introduction

Way back in 1800s, a young woman named Ramabai Dongre-Medhavi, a champion for the emancipation of women and a pioneer in education, saw the need and began a home for widows. This home for widows then as Mukti Mission gradually opened its doors to every needy soul and sheltered them.

'Mukti' means freedom, liberation or salvation and it reflects the origins of our work which had began over hundred and twenty-seven years ago, still continues to serve the society by caring the needy children and women irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or status. Among our residents many are orphans, destitute, differently-abled with special needs and care, physically and mentally challenged, victims that have undergone severe trauma of abuse and violence.

The Mission accepts, cares, brings in positive transformation in the lives of disadvantaged women and children and create opportunities for them to empower and enable them to be strong pillars of the society.

This 'haven' Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission (PRMM) situated at Kedgaon village in Pune District of Maharashtra is duly registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXX of 1950), the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950 and the Women's and Children’s Institutions Act of 1956. It has special homes for destitute – orphans and semi-orphans, elderly women, special needs girls and women with a special section for the blind with Braille school. There is a Nursery and Adoption facility too. Along with regular schools and colleges, we also have a Special School for the Children with Special Needs. Mukti also offers special coaching in computers, entrepreneurship and creative arts.

From the inception, the major focus has been on education as the founder Pandita Ramabai was an exceptionally well-educated social reformer and pioneer in education. She is the only women who has been conferred with the title 'Pandita' for her extra-ordinary command over Sanskrit; Pandita Ramabai was also honoured by the Emperor then in 1919 with the highest award "Kaiser-E-Hind" for her exemplary contribution towards the society.

Community Development/ Social Projects like mobile health clinics offering primary health care to neighbouring villages, adult literacy, vocational training, kindergartens, day-care-centres and expansion homes/ hostels throughout India is an effort by Mukti Mission to improve the quality of life for those who are not fortunate enough to provide these things for themselves.

Along with Child and Women's Rights issues, we also deal with Right to Education, Equality & Equity, Right to Life with Dignity and well-being fighting against the social evils like sexual abuse, violence against women and human trafficking.

Our logo 'Shaping Lives' also signifies that lives of individuals, no matter how broken or shattered, can be Rebuilt, Restored and Renewed!


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